THE POLL WILL CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21 (the midnight between wednesday and thursday). [polldaddy poll="7332930"] Above is a poll. It's a contest that you may have heard of if you were following our Facebook page or our Twitter account. IF YOU ENTERED, IT'S TOTALLY FINE FOR YOU TO LOBBY YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE FOR YOUR STICKER. In fact, we encourage that. Pick the bumper sticker(s) that you'd put on your own car. Not just that you think are funny, but that you'd actually PROUDLY stick on your car (that may become relevant later). We're not accepting any more submissions. And though we're letting you pick three, we're only going to be making ONE new sticker. If it's a tie, we'll pick one. If the selections are JUST TOO GOOD and we have to make another sticker (because some are really fucking good), we'll award another prize.   Note: in some cases, I have made minor wording changes to the submissions. This still means the original submitter will win the prize. For example, Jesse submitted "Keep calm and soap for the best," but I don't want to tell anyone to keep calm, so I changed it to the also-popular "Prepare for the worst, but soap for the best." If that's the winner, Jesse still wins.

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jesse james

Clever stuff!

Ashley Merritt

How did I miss entering this?? Awesome choices indeed. I heart Unicorn Poop.