In our 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey (open through January 15), you said you wanted voting on potential products and discount coupons for existing products... so here it is!

This is a contest in three parts:

1. January 7 - 15: You tell in us in Facebook Comments and Twitter @mentions what soap you think we should make for the next Clean Getaway Subscription Box: UPDATED TO ADD ONE MORE DAY TO THE NOMINATION PERIOD!!!! WOOOO!

2. January 15 - 21: We pick our top 20 of the proposed soaps*

3. January 21 - 28: You vote on the finalists and get a coupon for a 20% discount on whatever Outlaw Soaps you choose!

The winner gets a year subscription to the Clean Getaway Subscription Box (that's six boxes).**

Here are more details if you're interested: US residents only. I don't know contest rules of other countries and don't feel comfortable representing ourselves over there. Facebook comment submissions must be received by Facebook comments to THIS POST ONLY. Submissions through private message, wall posts, or posts on my personal Facebook page will not be considered. Twitter submissions must be sent via public tweet to OUR OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT ONLY by including @OutlawSoaps in your tweet. Submissions through direct message, non-@ replies, and to my personal Twitter account (if I even remembered the password) will not be considered. No email submissions will be considered. The winning soap will be included in the March 2014 Clean Getaway Subscription Box and will be available on the site in limited quantity. We don't promise to continue making the soap forever. Any disputes are settled by the decision of Outlaw Soaps. The decision of Outlaw Soaps is final. If you do not agree to these terms, do not enter.   * Based on a number of factors ranging from actual ability to make that scent to brand cohesion to arbitrary attraction to the order of the letters. We honorably swear not to just pick our friends' recommendations, because that would be shitty and unethical. We may be outlaws, but we're not shitty and unethical.   ** If we choose to end the subscription box program, the winner will get a coupon for $20 for every month that is left on the subscription. For example, if we end the subscription box program and the winner has received 3 subscription boxes, the winner would get a coupon for $60 (3 x $20).

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