Someone asked it (not just anybody... one of my favorite customers, Harmony), so I wanted to say it: Yes, Sage Copper Canyon, Blazing Saddles, and The Greatest Outdoors Sampler Set are all backordered until mid-September. I'm sorry... it's as frustrating for me as it is for you (maybe more!). Here's what happened: we spent months and hundreds of dollars researching our fragrances. This means ordering tons of samples and sniffing a lot of stuff that made us really unhappy. When we found a good fragrance, we celebrate our fortune and only order that fragrance oil in the future. Which means we have a handful of suppliers that can provide us with our fragrances, and absolutely no other suppliers will fill our need (heh heh, I said, "fill our need"). Because we have the best suppliers, sometimes they get overwhelmed with orders. Last month, the company that supplies our Desert Sage and our Fireplace fragrances was very backed up and couldn't get us our fragrance oils for three weeks. This meant we couldn't make any soap that included those fragrances for three weeks once we ran out of our existing stock. I used the last of the sage and fireplace to make a batch of "Fire in the Hole" on July 24. After that, it's been a dry season for those soaps... So I poured other soaps like Unicorn Poop, Hair of the Dog, and Coffee, but our most popular soaps just couldn't be made. Sure, it's inconvenient. It is having a measurable impact on our business. But should we order inferior fragrances? No, we don't want to do that. So, we wait. The fragrance oils came in last week, so we poured the scarce soaps, but they won't be ready for 30 days (the 30 day cure time).

If you want "Sage Copper Canyon" and "Blazing Saddles," I strongly recommend that you pre-order them.

We have a booth at a concert in mid-September (in Joshua Tree, even) and a store with on September 29th. If you pre-order your soaps, I can guarantee that you'll get them in mid-September. I can't make such guarantees if we commit that stock to selling elsewhere. We'll be letting you know when you should order your holiday soaps just to be sure you get them!

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