It's not a drinking problem, it's a drinking solution.

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I'm going to start a Kickstarter to make enough money for a single run of a beverage and soap holder called The Hang Over (because it hangs over your shower door or rod). The minimum pledge is $1 and you get a "I DRINK IN THE SHOWER" bumper sticker. The Hang Over is available at the $33 incentive level. I have offered several of the same Hang Over options so the expected delivery will be staggered enough for me to fulfill the orders. There are other things available besides a sticker and a Hang Over. If I am able to make things before the delivery date, I will send them early.

What Is This?

This is The Hang Over:
I may be many things, but a skilled gif maker is not one of them
I may be many things, but a skilled gif maker is not one of them
It's a beverage and soap holder designed to keep your beverage and soap away from the water, while still making it easy to enjoy in the shower. How many times have you tried setting your beer in the shower caddy, or worse, on the soap holder?
An actual photo sent to me by my friend
An actual photo sent to me by my friend
As careful as you are, you still can't keep warm water out of your beverage! Or maybe you reached for your bloody mary, but instead, it slipped out of your hands and went spraying all over the bathroom:
With the Hang Over, your beverage stays out of the soap and water. It's really the only way that drinking in the shower makes any kind of sense.

How This All Happened

I make soap for a living. Weird soap. Soap for the kind of people who would rather wash on the smell of campfire, whiskey, gunpowder, and dirt than wash it off. Soap for the kind of people who drink in the shower. About our soaps, Urban Daddy recently wrote “If you could somehow fuse the general feel of colonial America with the general mad genius soap-mastery of Tyler Durden from Fight Club, you’d get... something really weird. Like these soaps. Which, by personal hygiene fragrance standards, are a little weird. Good weird.” We sometimes get requests for specific soaps... a friend recently said he wanted soaps like ours, except with pumice so he could use ours instead of LAVA. We went into production with that on 7/22. A month or so ago, my friend Erin requested a soap for her friend Mook. Mook drinks in the shower. She wanted a soap shaped like a cup holder so it could hold Mook’s beer. There are some problems with this concept:
  • The beer would be super soapy and slippery, potentially causing hazardous situations in the bathroom (especially if you’re drinking from glass)
  • The beer would get warm from sitting in a pool of sudsy water
  • The beer would probably even get sudsy water inside it, which causes...
  • The beer would be watered down and taste like soap. Icky.
But it has the makings of a very good idea.
If you’ve ever had a beer in the shower (or a coffee, soda, or any other beverage), you know it’s really fun. It’s like having a little party-of-one doing something you definitely should not be doing if you were a regular, well-adjusted person (or so they say).
And just the week prior, two people had independently requested soap holders. They love our soaps, but handmade soaps don’t like sitting in pools of water. They disintegrate. So they requested a soap holder that kept the soap dry between showers.
Ah ha! What we needed was a beer and soap holder! Something that would keep the beer out of the water (but still easily accessed) and would also hold the soap in a way that the water could quickly drop off and evaporate away. (I’m not actually sure either of the people are getting what they were hoping for, but WHO CARES? IT IS A GREAT IDEA!) I got to work thinking of what we needed to do... and of course I called my friend Terry. He works at a place called Techshop ( and has access to all sorts of fabrication, cutting, and whatever-the-heck-else machinery. It’s overwhelming magic to me, but when I told him my hopes for the yet-to-be-named engineering triumph, he said, “oh sure, that’s easy. I’ll send you some sketches tomorrow.” And he did:
The original sketch of the Hang Over
The original sketch of the Hang Over
As you can see, it doesn't really have any way to adhere to the wall, but the idea is there! I requested that it hang over the shower rod or door (we now offer three options: rod, door, or suction cup). And then a couple days later, he showed up with the FIRST GENERATION PROTOTYPE ( Over the following weeks, we made some adjustments to the design (fitting a bigger cup, better holding the soap) and completed the second generation prototype. And then our friend Amber, who works for That Thing in the Desert, brought the second generation prototype to the group showers there and installed it in a “deluxe shower stall” that comes with a free beer. She said, “It's awesome!! We have had coffee mugs, beers and a tiki mug in it so far. And it slides easily back and forth on the shower bar when the curtain is pulled open or closed. I've never been so happy to have a Hang Over.” And the people have asked -nay, DEMANDED- that we offer them for sale. Which is why you find yourself reading this now. They are somewhat labor intensive at this point, requiring the work of a highly trained entertainment website Product Manager spending hours over a laser cutter and then lovingly folding the acrylic into the delightful shape, thus:
Amazing, no? (tiki mug included in some levels of incentives)

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Danielle Vincent

It starts tomorrow! AAAAHHHHH!!! I filmed a video for it today and will edit it before noon when I push it live. Hopefully.


Where is the link to the kick starter?