Inspired by real life WHAT IS OUTLAW?

There's nothing quite like Outlaw.

Since 2013, we've been making products that make people happier, more productive, and healthier. And not just in some theoretical sense, either. There's actual science at work here.

Our scents (like leather, campfire, whiskey, clove, and fresh cut grass, to name a few) are inspired by real life - YOUR real life.

We make true-to-life scents because when you're surrounded by scents inspired by real life, you feel better (that's a link to a scientific study in the National Institute of Health).

True-to-life scents open a portal in your brain, reach back and grab a happy memory associated with that scent, and bring it right here with you (metaphorically, not literally).

So if you want to wake up inspired, go to work inspired, and come home inspired, that's what it means to Live Outlaw.

It's why our motto is WAKE UP, KICK ASS, REPEAT.

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About Outlaw WHO WE ARE

It all started with a deep dissatisfaction with the daily grind of a long and frustrating commute through Los Angeles traffic, followed by a 3-year day (or so it felt), followed by another long and frustrating commute.

There was no time for loading all the camping bins into Danielle's car and heading out to the desert. There was no time for much of anything. It was just driving, working, driving, sleeping, repeat, forever.

But then Danielle and Russ found a little ragged-edged bar of handmade soap on their honeymoon, and everything changed. Every morning, when Danielle was getting ready, she'd set her sniffer to this bar of soap and be swept back to the farm store.

She wondered what else she might be swept back to, with the right scents. Could it be Joshua Tree? Only one way to find out...

So Danielle and Russ set on the task of finding every scent that inspired delightful memories: the rich leather of a saddle shop, the smoky scent of a campfire, the sweetness of whiskey, the sharpness of gunpowder, and the high desert. And it turned out other folks liked those memories, too.

Fast forward several years, and the Outlaws have grown to a gang of 20ish rabble-rousing folks who make the Outlaw products right here in the USA (mostly in our Sparks, Nevada workshop).

Danielle and Russ still love going camping and lighting things on fire (she vaguely says with a wink, while writing in the third person).

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natural, sustainable, amazing THE OUTLAW VALUES

We may be Outlaws, but we are dedicated to some hardcore values. We believe that outstanding products are only as good as the foundation they're built on.

Here's what we're about:

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Crafted in the USA

🌱 Natural ingredients (approved by Whole Foods)

πŸš™ Quick delivery (2 - 4 days for US orders)

πŸ‡ Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free

♻️ Sustainable ingredients and packaging

πŸ‘« Happy employees & good employment practices

🀠 Great customer service & a satisfaction guarantee

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You'll love it or your money back SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

Because we're so committed to your happiness, we have a solid satisfaction guarantee.

Scent's a personal thing and one person's shot of whiskey is another person's not-my-cup-of-tea.

If you don't love the scent you ordered, we'll replace it free of cost, or give you a refund (your choice).

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