"Where's my order?" Get unsettlingly accurate tracking from the USPS

Around this time of year, one of the most frequently asked questions is:

My order shows as delivered, but it is definitely not here. Where is it?

That's not a good feeling. You've ordered a thing and it seems like some federal criminal (definitely not an OUTLAW) has absconded with your loot. [insert a line of curse words here that we would otherwise receive hate mail about]

It's definitely not satisfying to wonder where your order is, or worse yet, to feel like a poo-head has run off with it and is now LITERALLY BATHING IN YOUR AWESOMENESS.

Eff those guys.

Except we find that a lot of times, when an item is shown as "delivered," that means it's really "more or less in proximity to your house," and that actual delivery can take a day or two more.

Side note: This happened to me the other day, and we have parcel lockers! I got a delivery notification from a fine and upstanding online establishment, but my package was definitely not there. Before pitching a fit about my nearly $200 of missing goods, I was like, "What would our customer service team do?" and reminded myself of this oft-experienced lag. Sure 'nuff, the package showed up the very next day.

Since that little free-floating panic, I decided to investigate what could be done about this 'nundrum... and I found the USPS Informed Delivery.

Every day, you get an email with photos of all your mail (how's that for unsettling? at least it's the outside) and the tracking number of any packaged goods being delivered. I mean, yeah, it's a bit oogie to know that your personal mail is under that level of surveillance, but if you don't mind Big Brother in your Inbox (both virtual and literal), it's kind of a cool feature.

Does this sound interesting? You can check out (and sign up for) USPS Informed Delivery here.


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Haytam Benchrifa

Hey, I just bought a big stack of products, love you guys since I tried it out last time ! But I haven’t received anything after the payment (email, or tracking code or receipt) I hope there has been no mistake ? And thank you !!