| by Danielle Vincent

Supply & Demand & Handmade Bar Soap

This year (and every year), we struggle to keep up with inventory of handmade soap... admittedly, it's darn good stuff!

We're at an awkward time in our company's development: we don't have the space, labor, or resources to scale up our production enough to meet the demand.

A great problem, right? Except honestly, seriously honestly, it is a big fricken' problem.

And it's a problem we're actively working to solve!

It's why we're moving to Sparks / Reno (which we just signed a lease today, might I add!) -- We need to increase our production! And quick! And we're even considering doing some crowdfunding to get our new workshop built out... But until we get there, handmade soap is going to be in mighty dear supply.

But fear not, my filthy friend!

We knew this was going to be a freaky deaky issue, so we launched a new product called milled soap.


(It took everything in my power to resist making a JAWS and de-feet joke. I just need you to acknowledge my impressive restraint)

(ok, but ... really... how is that not a pun you hear all the time? It's rich, fertile ground for de-feeting jokes! IT WRITES ITSELF)

Until we get our Reno production up and rollin', we're increasing the price of our handmade soap to $10 (starting January 1).

Why not use these scarce times to try a bar of ...



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