What's with the tiny rubber chicken?!?

Here at Outlaw Soaps, we like to keep things a little on the ridiculous side, which is why, when you open your box (or mailer) of Outlaw Soaps, you might find a little, yellow friend inside!

"We love the soap but, um, what's with the chicken?"

Did it make you laugh? If it did, the chicken had the intended effect!

We've tried many types of little extras in every order, from small pigs to little tokens, and none have delighted as many people as the little rubber chickens.

If you love it, let us know!

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Johnathon Mitchell

The tiny chicken was an odd surprise. Me and my two sons have had the best time with that little rubber chicken. It’s so tiny you can’t help but to smile!

Stephen V. Price

The first time I received a rubber chicken, not only did I laugh, but I laughed my raggedy ass off. In my next order (soon) could you gimme a rubber ducky instead. All kidding aside, the Outlaws are the best !