Outlaw Samples Coming Soon

HUZZAH!!! You have asked for it... not once, not twice, but probably literally hundreds of times: SAMPLES.

As I'm sure you've noticed, we're a little company. This ain't no fancy schmancy huge ol' factory here. We have to pay for every little label and bottle (especially the little ones, in this case) out of our own small pockets.

In the past 6 years, we've mostly blown all our cash on frivolous things like supplies and wages. You know, like crazy entrepreneurs.

But this year, we we're going to be doing some events and we thought, "Hey! We gotta give people stuff rather than just impressing them with our winning personalities!" So... samples!

For right now, we're starting small (haha! sample size joke!). We're going to be offering 3-packs of solid cologne testers and a general sample pack of travel/trial size versions of all our sampleable products (so, not liquid cologne or deodorant). Because we've got such a variety of stuffs, we couldn't bring together all the amazing Outlaw Scents, but we've got a hefty variety (but not too hefty, because it still has to be under 14 oz to stay in First Class shipping!).

These little pockets of perfection will be available on the site soon. Not today, but still, quite soon.

Thanks for your recommendations and your patience!

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Emily Wright

I would like some “lust in the dust”…. To go please……sample.