What is Solid Cologne and is it Better than Spray Cologne?
Solid cologne is a pretty new concept on the popular cologne front, so if you’ve never heard of it and never tried it, you’re not alone.

Here are the basics:
- It comes in a small tin, not in a bottle
- It’s solid, which means it won’t spill
- It doesn’t last as long as spray cologne
- It’s meant to be used throughout the day

Here’s how to use solid cologne:
- Twist open the tin
- Rub your fingers on the surface of the cologne to warm (and slightly melt) the wax
- Rub your fingers on your wrists and neck (and anywhere else you want to smell good)
- Re-apply as you like

Solid cologne doesn’t act like regular spray cologne, so if you’re expecting the exact same cologne experience from your spray cologne as your solid cologne, you’re going to be disappointed.

Solid cologne has a lighter scent and doesn’t last as long as spray cologne. Spray cologne is more intense and stays on your skin longer. Solid cologne is less intense and is meant to be carried and re-applied throughout the day.

This is a feature, not a problem.

This means you won’t accidentally over-apply and need to re-shower so you’re not an overwhelming wall of scent.
This means you can adjust your cologne levels to be situationally appropriate for work and after-work.
This means you can adjust between bold and less-bold (depending on the cologne) as you desire.

Outlaw solid cologne comes in our best-selling scents (Blazing Saddles, Fire in the Hole, Calamity Jane, and The Gambler) as well as our cologne-only scent, The Badlands (more on The Badlands in a different post).

We originally made solid cologne because an Outlaw requested it. We had never heard of solid cologne before, so we tested a lot of different solid colognes to see how they worked.

At the time, we had hand balms, and several Outlaws said they liked our hand balm, but wanted it in a smaller package and wanted it stronger. So we took what we knew of solid cologne we had tried, and took what we knew of our hand balms, and we created some small batches of solid cologne.

They were an overnight success, and we knew Travis had helped us stumble on something truly perfect for our adventure-bound, can’t-sit-still, always-on-the-run Outlaws.

We’d love to hear from you: Have you tried the solid cologne? Do you use it once in the morning, or throughout the day?

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