Solid cologne on a cowboy hat in Sedona, Arizona

Continuing our exploration of what solid cologne is, today, we'll look at some ways solid cologne (or "hard cologne") is better than liquid cologne.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As we have mentioned before, this all comes down to personal preference. I'm not going to tell you what's better for YOU. I'm just going to provide you with additional data points so you can make your own best decision. It's the Outlaw way.

Solid cologne is absolutely better than liquid cologne at getting through the TSA.

"Is that a 3.3 oz bottle of flammable alcohol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" said no TSA agent EVER.

We may not be enthusiastically jumping on airplanes just yet, but there's no question: Solid cologne is hands-down better for TRAVEL. If you're on the road (or in the sky), you don't want to carry a leakable, breakable, flammable bottle of cologne with you.

Solid cologne comes in a twist-top container and Outlaw solid cologne in particular has a relatively high melt point (not that it matters when it's 19 degrees outside, but you'll thank me when it's 90 degrees).

Even Outlaws who have left their solid cologne in their pocket and thrown their jeans in the dryer have reported that their full-size tin of solid cologne was shaken, but not stirred (the solid cologne samples were not so lucky, but no one is perfect).

You Decide How Strong It Is

One Outlaw customer just wrote in to customer service a few moments ago (seriously, just saw it come through in our chat) saying that they love the scent of Blazing Saddles (leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush), but the liquid cologne is too strong and they wanted to return it.

The solid cologne, they noted, was just right, and they wanted to keep that.

Of course, wise Outlaws know (as did this fine customer) that we back all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This kind of feedback is exactly the thing we love to hear, AND we get to fix the issue (with a refund or a replacement, his choice).

Scent's a very personal thing, and people's body chemistry, temperature, and general physiology has a huge effect on how scent smells and "throws" off your body.

Some people report that solid cologne isn't strong enough or doesn't last long enough. Some people report that it's just the right strength and longevity.

This isn't just preference! It really DOES come down to your own body's unique characteristics (heck, I even notice I smell differently based on my mood).

One of the really nice things about solid cologne is that you can always control exactly how strong it is by how often and how heavily you reapply it.

So what about you? Which cologne type do you prefer? Leave your thoughts in the comments - we always want to know!

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