What comes around goes around

I'm getting my hair done!We moved to Colfax for selfish reasons: we love the mountains and especially love the Gold Country. But we also were excited to bring our business to this little town. We knew we wouldn’t get a lot of business from locals, but between the online and wholesale customers, and my side job with Mozilla, we thought we could probably scrape by.

Thanks to you, Mozilla, and our own elbow grease, we have been growing enough to add a job to the local economy (meet Ruth, our Huckleberry) and I’m writing this from the beauty salon -- it’s the first time I’ve had my hair done since before we started the business (yes, I do my hair myself, which is another story for another day... let's just say that non-essential hair styling was one of the first things to get cut from our budget).

I’ve never fancied myself much of a sentimental person, but it makes me feel really good to take what comes around -- from literally around the world -- and support local businesses.

And it should make you feel really good, too! Thanks for bringing industry to this little business, in this small town. We literally couldn’t do it without you.

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