We Outlaws love hangin' out with dirt bags

As you may have noticed from the, well, everything, we care about making the world better while also making the world's most kick-ass products.

Our latest venture into planetary benevolence is a transition to something we recently discovered: Compostable bags!

You told us, "Hey Outlaws, we love the little linen bags and all, but I've got like 30 bags and, as handy as they are for holding stacks of cash that I'd like to keep clean under my floorboards, I've got enough for all these thick wads of dollars already! Ease up!" *

And, while we did away with the bags coming out of our Outlaw Safehouse in Sparks, Nevada, we still had all these linen bags going out to Amazon.

So we decided to figure out how to make those bags magically... disappear! (much like you did, after you acquired those stacks of money) **

That's right! These li'l soap holsters are now biodegradable (or re-usable, if you have dog byproducts or other things to wrap up). They'll be slowly replacing the tried 'n' true reusable linen bags that we've been using for the past [mumbling] years.

If you have feedback about these bags, or have thoughts about how we can further improve our packaging in an eco-friendly and cost-neutral way, please leave 'em in the comments. We're all about it.

Because good Outlaws leave no trace.


* Actually, for the record, not one person has reported using them for this purpose. So, you know, if you do have a surplus of linen bags, that's one thing you can do with them. #CraftIdeasForOutlaws

** Again, for the record, no one customer has personally confessed to any specific bank robbery in Danbury, Connecticut or anywhere else, for that matter. This is completely hypothetical.


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