Outlaw is rollin' out recyclable aluminum bottles!
You've told us you're not fans of virgin plastic (and we aren't either!), so we've switched to aluminum!
Our new aluminum bottles can be recycled (just remove the plastic pump and plastic labels, rinse out, and recycle with your cans) or re-used (watch for craft projects and fun activities in the near future). And even if you do absolutely nothing, aluminum bottles completely decompose within 200 years (compared to plastic, which can take up to 1000 years).
We're rolling out the change on our website first, then to Whole Foods and other wholesale customers, and then to Amazon. So if you'd like to get the first crack at our new uncrackable bottles, shop at LiveOutlaw.com (subject to availability, since we're rolling out body wash first, then lotion).
It's just one more thing we're doing to make Outlaw the best little sundries company in the West.
Side note: If/when you get your aluminum bottles, and you're into shooting cans (safely, of course), please send us photos of your "accelerated degradation" bottles.

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