Calamity Jane natural body lotion by Outlaw

Hey Tricia! Thanks for joinin' us! To start with, what's your favorite Outlaw activity (or activities)?

Redistribution of wealth! My husband and I run two charitable groups that provide emergency supplies to people who have found themselves in tough circumstances. Last year the main group Santa-ed 500 holiday gifts to kiddos in foster care as one of our big donation drives, and the smaller group created 160 pieces of handmade cold-weather gear (hats, scarves, etc) for people experiencing homelessness plus 150 handmade washcloths for refugees.

Your favorite Outlaw scent is Calamity Jane. Why's that your favorite?

It makes me feel feminine and rugged at the same time!

In general, what do you love best about Outlaw? We're always anglin' for compliments.

Your scents are evocative and intriguing, and your soaps get me squeaky clean while still feeling like my suburban housewife life is just a front for a secret fascinating life as an outlaw!

Thanks so much for being part of the gang, Tricia!

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As always, thanks for being in our little gang!

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