| by Danielle Vincent

Let's bring back the bandana!

Face masks are all the rage, but around the Outlaw Safehouse, we're talking about bringing back bandanas!

Think about it: Bandanas are the perfect thing to put over your face if you feel a cough coming on, they're stylish as a neck scarf, and they're handy for wiping your windshield when you've steamed it up from playing cards in your car. (or whatever people do to steam up their car windows... it's not any of my business)

Never one to sit on laurels, I've already sprung forth and ordered a small pile of black very outlaw-ish bandanas and we'll be including these in select orders (details TBD... keep an eye out... but not literally).

Stay safe, stay sane, and Live Outlaw. 🀠πŸ”₯

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