WANTED: Quick and Strong Accomplice for Outlaw Work
We're looking for a new member for our Outlaw Soaps gang! The ideal person would have experience in:
- Production and manufacturing
- Shipping and receiving
- Counting and organizing

We're a little business and all of us work very closely together, so we're looking for someone who's also:
- Quick and accurate
- Positive and awesome
- Problem-solving (not fault-finding)
- Flexible about a bunch of work environments
- Focused and task-oriented (not easily distracted)
- Happy working in a start-up environment (low resources, high vision)

Though the work is quite light most of the time, the ideal candidate would be able to lift up to 50 lbs as needed. Tasks include:
- Cutting and racking soap
- Folding and filling boxes
- Filling hoppers of body wash, lotion, and other liquid product
- Periodic inventory counts

The position is 10 - 15 hours of work per week to start, on a flexible schedule (whether you want to do 5 hours over 2 - 3 days or 2 - 3 hours per day is up to you).

Starting pay is $12/hr. Good performance is rewarded with more responsibility and increased pay. If this seems interesting to you, please peruse our website and see what kind of company we are (especially including our Magnificent Seven Outlaw Values). If you're still interested after you get a feel for our flavor, please send cover letter and resume to russ@outlawsoaps.com.

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Nan Ray

Absolutely adore your business model. I am making efforts myself within your vision. Strong back here, worked my whole life. Paid taxes since I was 12. I will need work after I finish what is on my plate now. Only issue is my summer work. I swamp cook for a pack company in July and August outside of Mammoth. My background is just the weirdest you can imagine. Ranching, farming, logging and mining. So very politically incorrect i know. Then 25 year of sales and marketing. Had to support the family but can’t keep a straight face anymore to keep doing it. I have learned some things spending time in the saddle and hours in a wet suit dredging and camped for months at a time and what happens to skin. I am not any kind of scientist but am a mom, grandmom and a great grandmom. I know how to work and care for people freaking out in the work environment.