The Natural Deodorant Adventure

UPDATE: The natural, aluminum-free deodorants are available here.

That's probably the first time those words have been used in that order, right?

Deodorant isn't inherently adventurous, though we certainly hope our deodorant will embark on many an exciting adventure with you.

Mostly, you might be wondering why, after enthusiasm bordering on mob rule, we took so goshgolly long to make actual deodorant. As is custom in our blog, I'mma gonna tell ya.

We're not making deodorant.

We tried a couple times in the past and it's just not our wheelhouse. The quality wasn't as high as most of the other natural brands out there, and if there's one thing I know about Outlaws, it's that we tend to stink. Hey, it's just the byproduct of an awesome life! Some half-assed deodorant isn't going to contain our olfactory pitsplosions! No way, man. We need the STRONGEST natural deodorant available. Period.

So we contacted my friend Stacia, who makes the SmartyPits industrially awesome natural deodorants, and she could get them to us... but at a price that meant we'd have to charge nearly $20/tube. And yeah, deodorant lasts a long time, but yowzah.

We sat on it. Spring turned to Summer, Summer turned to Fall, Fall turned to Winter, and then it was the new year! 2018! And then the whole weather cycle repeated itself until it was 2019, in the present moment.

I visited Stacia in her warehouse and I made a decision: I'd compromise our existing pricing strategy (which includes a markup for wholesale) and only sell the deodorants directly to you from the website. Not on Amazon. Not through a store. Not even in Whole Foods. We'd just keep this one product exclusively exclusive.

Compadre, let me tell you... this is AMAZING deodorant. I am a stinky individual. I go to the gym. I sweat when I'm stressed out. I give deodorant (both natural and nuclear) a run for its money. And this stuff holds up under a lot of really taxing situations. It's a deodorant that I'd be proud to salute (thereby unleashing the full force of my armpit).

Now, that all said, it's still a natural deodorant. Last night, I knew I was going to be hella stressed out because I was going to an event in San Francisco, where birds of our feather are few and far between. I'll admit to using a backup of my synthetic antiperspirant in addition to my natural version. But the stakes were high and so was my stress-sweat volume. So, you know, just be aware.

As with every one of our products, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't absolutely love it, we'll give you your money back. So you can try this new round of deodorant without any additional stress-sweating!

We hope you love it!

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