WANTED: Mark, AKA "Two Guns"

Hey Mark! Thanks for joinin' us! To start with, what's your favorite Outlaw activity (or activities)?

Shooting with a timer at the gun range. So basically gunslinging practice.

Your favorite Outlaw scent is Cursed Cowboy. Why's that your favorite?

I ordered four bars of Cursed Cowboy handmade soap when it became available on account of it being a seasonal limited run. The scent description, which is campfire and clove, sounded intriguing. Not to mention the reviews left by others.

As soon as I received my order and discovered I really loved the smell, I placed another order for a few more bars. I had no idea when they’d make their way back in stock after this run so I figured I might as well. Aside from the awesome scent, the color looks awesome too, which is black and dark red. Somehow it matches the scent perfectly!

In general, what do you love best about Outlaw? We're always anglin' for compliments.

The overall theme of Outlaw’s products and the scents that go with it is the epitome of manliness. In addition, they really take good care of their customers.

Thanks so much for being part of the gang, Mark!

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As always, thanks for being in our little gang!

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