| by Danielle Vincent

The Great Outlaw Photographer Hunt of 2020

Nothing warms our hearts like seeing our products out and about in the world, being loved and photographed by our own Outlaw gang... and some of y'all are OUTSTANDING photographers!

Because we've been seeing so many amazing photos, we decided to do an open call for photographers... if you've wanted to be a pro product photographer, here's your big break!


Yep, just like any job, this one has an application! Just head on over here and fill out some deets: http://liveoutlaw.com/thegreatphotographerhunt

You'll receive an email confirmation (hopefully, if we set it up right), and we'll look at your application (and any example shots that you sent over).

You have to fill out the application before October 8 to be considered for the hunt.

Step 2: HOLD IT

We're going to review the applications and see who we think we should "call in for an audition" (i.e. send product to for some test shots). We're looking for a certain kind of style, so don't be offended if we don't think your style is quite right for our marketing photos.

Step 3: SHOOT IT

If you're selected for an audition, we'll send you some free product to shoot.

This will be covered in an email to you later, but we can not have any of the following in our photos:

  • Nudity
  • Weapons
  • Tobacco products
  • Any drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Logos or brands of other companies
  • Anyone under 18 (anyone over 18 will have to sign a model release if we buy your photo)
  • Political affiliations
  • Religious iconography

Any of these elements make it difficult to use the photo in marketing campaigns, so we can't pay for photos that include them.


We're still figuring that part out, but it'll probably be another form. We have to keep things organized.

The entry form has some additional information about payment and whatnot.

This is NOT a contest. There is no prize. There is not a limited number of positions. This is an opportunity for people who'd like to take photos for us to submit to get hired as photographers.

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