THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15 ONLY: Rain in First Light Sample Cologne is $15

The scents of rain on petals, wild ivy, and meadow grass

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You're walking through a tranquil meadow, feeling the moisture of the grass cool against your skin.

Dewdrops sparkle in the growing light, turning each blade of grass into a tiny beacon of dawn.

The smell of wet petals mingles with the green aroma of ivy and grass, creating a simple yet profound scent that fills the air.

As you breathe in, the cool, damp air feels refreshing, clearing your mind and inviting you to embrace the new day. The mist fades away, revealing a meadow painted in bright golds and greens by the rising sun. It's a moment of peace and beauty, a promise of what each day can bring. 

At dawn, as the world awakens, there's a sense of renewal in the air. Rain in First Light, our scent of the month for March, embodies that feeling, transporting you to the edge of a meadow, where the earth is soft, the air is cool, and the possibilities are endless.  

We invite you to experience the magic of early dawn with our pre-order for Rain in First Light Sample Cologne on February 15th.  

PLUS, it’s $15 for ONE DAY ONLY: February 15th... and then it's $30.

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