dog paw balm thyme

Sniff-sniff, wag-wag, oh joyous day! Your beloved human, the smartest of smart, wisest of wise, dance champion of the living room, and bringer of all treats, has a chance to shine brighter in your eyes. Yes, YOU, champion of fetch and guardian of the yard!

How could you love them more? It seems hardly possible, except...

Paws hurt in the snow, don't they?
Boop-sniffer not sniffing well when it's cold?
Sad, so sad. But wait! Squirrel!
No, even better - Outlaw's Dog Nose & Paw Balm! Yes, a treat, but not for eating, silly. For paws and snoot, making them feel all warm and happy, not owie.

Your human can fix it! They always know what to do, because they're YOUR human. The best human.

Give them *the eyes*. You know the ones. Makes humans give treats and belly rubs. Then, a soft woof, maybe a boop with your nose.

Tell them, "Balm! Need balm!"

They'll understand, because they're amazing. They dance, they laugh, they give the best scratches. And they want you happy, always happy.

Because who's a good dog? YOU ARE! Yes! Good dog! Your beloved human, they'll get it, for the best dog ever (which is YOU!).

Point your beloved human to this link on their hand window:

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