THIS JUST IN: Calamity Jane Milled Soap

I have no good photo of the soaps, so you'll just have to handle this photo of Russ and I chatting (side note: it's our anniversary today!).

We've been so delighted with the response to our other milled soaps that we have added the INFAMOUS Calamity Jane Milled Soap to our lineup...

Well, not quite yet. We still have to take photos and post the products on our website.... but know that they're COMING VERY SOON to a website near you.

Literally so near that it's in your hands on the very device you're reading this on.

Watch this space (or the newsletter) for when they go live!

In the mean time, you can enjoy the sample size of Calamity Jane Milled Soap in your Outlaw order, since we're including a bar of Calamity Jane Milled Soap while supplies last (along with the chicken and the stickers and all that other stuff).

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