This Calamity Lands in Your Mailbox When You Need it!

At Outlaw, we know life is full of calamities both big and small.

“Small” are things like knocking over your best whiskey while you’re doing the yard work. “Big” we all cross our fingers and hope to avoid. But there’s one calamity we guarantee you’ll look forward to. It’s the Outlaw Soap Calamity Jane Subscription Box* and it’ll bring sweet, sweet Calamity to your mailbox at the frequency you want it.

*Yeah, you probably guessed we were going there. We can’t get nothin’ by you folks.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you have a Calamity-shaped hole in your life. Named after the wild west legend herself, “Jane” is a spicy blend of ginger, orange, cinnamon and whiskey that somehow manages to be both badass enough for your rugged side, while sweet enough to say, “Come sit by me. I bite, but I don’t bite hard.”

The subscription comes in a whole wagon-load of options for your Calamity Jane products that arrive when you want them, and you — yes, you! — get to choose the size of the box, and what’s in it. Pick from combinations of milled soap, body wash, hand lotion, deodorant, and even air freshener to make your car a sweet Calamity-zone of its own.

Calamity Jane was famous for saying, “If a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.” We say, if you want a Calamity Jane subscription, you should go sign up right now, and feel legendary for doing it.

Oh, and Jane also was famous for saying, “I’m a drunk. Correct. What the f*** is it to you?” But whether or not you want to order while drunk is your own damn business.

Calamity Jane Clean Getaway Subscription Box

The SUPREME contains: 


Calamity Jane Clean Getaway Subscription Box Reviews


“Received my first Calamity Jane Clean Getaway Subscription package! So excited to experience an aromatherapy session with the shower bar soap! Six shots of lotion later - my skin feels fabulous! Absolute heaven ~!!! Thank you so much for creating this fragrance and offering subscriptions!” - Jane

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love it!!
“I looove Calamity Jane! I have very sensitive skin (thanks to my Irish granny) and this actually soothes my skin. The bonus air freshener makes my farm truck actually smell good! Highly recommend!” - Kim H

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ After taking care of outlaws, I can come home to some good Outlaws
“I spend my days treating outlaws. (not really outlaws, but close) I work in a men's state prison as a nurse. After hanging around that environment all day treating illness and injury, it was really really nice to come home to a different sort of outlaw. I got my Calamity Jane box today. The day's work was washed away with the soap. My dry hands (and arms, and elbows, etc...) got pampered with the lotion. And it was all topped off with that awesome cologne. I actually used a little bit of the cologne in my hair while it was still wet. The air freshener will go in my car in the morning. This particular scent is just awesome. LOVE it!!!!… The note in the box was pretty awesome too. And the tiny rubber chickens got a good laugh. I've placed them in with my dragon collection. Oddly they fit rather well... Overall, just get the stuff. It's awesome.” - Julie J

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