Mountain Hideout natural body lotion by Outlaw

Using lotion has gotten a bad rap.

Look, it’s summer. That means getting your skin beat to high holy heck by the hot, burning hand of The Sun. What kind of cowboy would you be if you didn’t look after your own hide? Fortunately, our Mountain Hideout Lotion is here to help. 

To smell Mountain Hideout is to have your nose whisked away to your own secret woodsy cabin, with the rest of your body along for the ride. It’s the scent of a deep mountain forest steeped in the aroma of lush pine, damp earth, and the smoke from a welcoming fireplace. As one of our own customers said, “This ain’t no foo-foo lotion.” 

Try it now and see. And pick up some of the other damn fine Mountain Hideout products we have in our store, while you’re at it. Your hide will thank you. And we guarantee there’s not a single foo in the package.

Mountain Hideout Lotion:




"This ain't no foo-foo lotion. This stuff smells great." - Tom M.


"Mountain Hideout, now my favorite so far! Ordered the bar of soap and the lotion, it smells incredible. The strong pine scent with the hint of campfire really reminds me of when I would go camping in Yosemite or any time I would be in the forest hiking or hanging out in family cabin. Such a great smell!! Can't wait to try more of their products!! Outlaw rocks!" - Scott B. 


"It took me a few applications of this to get used to the scent because it’s so accurate. Pine, dirt, outside. I feel like I’m just rubbing the outdoors into my skin. Once i had accepted that this is the way it’s supposed to be and I’m not just a young lad playing in the dirt, I fell in love. Gentle enough to go on my face and tough enough to HANDle (pun intended) my dry cracked winter time hands. Do yourself a favor and give this stuff a try!" - 'Eeyore'

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