Outlaw Cologne Lust in the Dust

You drove all day under the sun and you camped all night under the stars.

The fire burned down to embers just before daybreak, but as the sun rises over a landscape colored by God’s own paintbrush, you’re greeted by the unmistakable, unforgettable scent of a fresh new dawn in the wide-open desert.

Outlaw’s Lust in the Dust Spray Cologne brings the divine scent of a high desert sunrise to every morning.

The gorgeous scents of wild sagebrush, natural sandalwood, and just a little bit of last night’s campfire blend into an experience that will spark your senses and your soul ever durn morning.

And since it's an Outlaw cologne, you know the scent is as soft as as a Mojave melody... no one's going to flinch when you get in an elevator. It's just right all over.

We just released another 100 of our limited first editions (hand-numbered, for your collection!).

So pick up a bottle now, and experience a new desert sunrise in your shower, this morning and every morning. (Until you run out. Then you have to buy more. That’s just how these things work.)

Get your limited edition bottle now: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/mens-womens-cologne/products/lust-in-the-dust-spray-cologne

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