The Road to AmericasMart: A plucky little soap company moseys to Atlanta for some wholesale soap sales

This Friday, we're heading to Atlanta to be part of AmericasMart, the largest gift show in North America. It's really wild to even think about it... so wild that I scheduled a few day of us to be there in advance just in case we needed to race around and pick up some stuff for our booth (which we do!).

As part of that endeavor, I painted a huge mural and discovered a new and delightful hobby: large-scale painting.

We've had some forays into wholesale sales in the past... some might call them more than "forays," actually. We're in the Northern California Whole Foods stores and are carried by dozens of stores across the US, and even one in Germany! (I'm lookin' at you, Four Aces!) But it has always been kind of an informal and friendly relationship.

See, we're informal, friendly people. I do not wear suits. I do not wear pumps. I wear cowboy boots and t-shirts. I usually have skinned knees from playing with our dogs. My fingernails are usually dirty (which is why I got my fancy nails done for the show!).

Going to a trade show is a big move for people like us.

We're doing it because we know that there are Outlaws everywhere, and that not all of those Outlaws are going to want to try our products smell un-sniffed (as opposed to sight unseen). The best way for people to try our products is to find them in stores, and so, here we go.

The nice folks at AmericasMart were kind enough to give us a prominent spot in the juried Made in America section of the show (which is appropriate, since we're about as Made in America as a company can get).

If you know of a great place where Outlaws hang out, please let them know! We have a whole page dedicated to asking for Outlaws. :)

As a side note, here's me after I just finished working on the mural:

americas mart mural

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