The Outlaw Challenge Coin!

Behold the Outlaw Challenge Coin!!! IT'S SO BOLD AND OUTSTANDING! Don’t it look purdy?! Let’s face it, this thing is pretty freakin’ sweet. It's made by the same company who makes military challenge coins, so OF COURSE it's outstanding.

So how does a fine Outlaw such as yourself come to acquire such sought-after treasure?

Refer three friends! Yep that’s it!

If three of your closest companions purchase on our site using your magic referral code, well then we’re gonna’ send ya’ one of these here coins.

But the Outlaw Gold program is more than just referrals. People in the platinum tier get a permanent 20% off. And the top of the crop is A FREAKIN' CANOE.

Yes, if you win the Gold program, you can get a canoe.

But today we're talking about Challenge Coins, which are significantly easier than the whole canoe thing (but will get you well on your way, since referring friends earns you many Gold points).

Here’s how to get your personal referral link:
1)    Login to your account here*:
2)    Scroll down past your orders - thanks for those, btw! - until you see “Outlaw Gold” on the left side.
3)    Click on “Refer friends” underneath “Get rewards.”
4)    Copy your link or share directly from the buttons on this page.
5)    Share it with anyone and everyone; tell ‘em just how much you love being part of this here gang. When they place an order, you'll get credit for that purchase... and 3 of those referrals later, CHA-CHING: CHALLENGE ACCOMPLISHED.

* If you’re not already a member of Outlaw Gold or have never signed onto, please start by creating an account here:

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