Now Outlaws Can Pay With Bitcoin and other Crypto (um, why didn't we do this before?)

We've officially hitched our wagon to that fancy schmancy horse from Westworld and now can accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more!

All our other checkout payment methods still exist, but I know that the cryptocurrency world is yearning to use their coins for practical stuff, so we wanted to make it happen.

How can you use Bitcoin to check out?

1. Add Outlaw goods to your cart

I'm sure you've either already done this or you're just about to do this. Hooray!

2. Check out and either select "Coinbase | Commerce" or "Use a different payment method" and then "Coinbase | Commerce"

(yes, it's quite intuitive)

3. Hit Complete Order!


It's almost too easy.

In fact, it is too easy. But we couldn't find a way to make it more complicated, so here we are, stuck with something that is literally easier than pie (and only slightly less good than sliced bread).

Do you know folks who have Bitcoin? Do the Outlaws a favor and share this with 'em. It's one of the many ways that we're trying to deliver Outlaw awesomeness to every person, everywhere, in every way.


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