The Mills Have Lyes

Is that too obscure of a reference?

Today, I shrieked with joy when I got back from Outlaw HQ (YES on a Saturday... you think we take weekends around here?), because in our entryway sat a big ol' box with a familiar scent around it.


In case you're wondering what milled soap is...
In brief: It's soap made by machine.
In less-brief: You can read my blog post on the subject of our new milled soap.

We have about 20 bars each of Blazing Saddles, Fire in the Hole, and The Gambler. Why those three? Because we wanted to run a test batch and see how it went before committing ourselves to the whole shebang.

So, what happens to these bars of milled protosoaps? (that's prototypes of soap, for those of you who aren't into portmanteaus)

To be honest, we're a little unsure.

First, of course, we will use it ourselves to make sure it meets our reasonably loose quality standards (just kidding - we're picky as heck).

Second, we'll futz around trying to figure out how to take good photos of it and write a suitably interesting description for the website.

Third, we'll attempt some antics of promotion (as is our custom), probably featuring it in a Casual Friday Facebook Live event or something.

I don't know... I'm open to suggestions. What do you think we should do with this new milled soap?

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