The Lotion Adventure: A product 5 years in the making

Five years ago, almost to the month, we tried something we called "Chameleon Lotion. It was a lotion base I had ordered, and I found we could add just a little fragrance to it, and voila - it was whatever anyone wanted it to be!

campfire natural lotionHowever, customers had some issues with the Chameleon Lotion. First, it was tricky to fully mix the scent into the lotion. It was new to me and I wasn't entirely sure how to ensure 100% mixing. We ended up with complaints of heavily-scented places, and then places with almost no scent at all.

And then another customer complained that she ordered the lotion and read the ingredients and found that they contained parabens, which had been linked to certain kinds of health problems in some studies.

Since we didn't make it ourselves, we were at the mercy of the lotion base, unless we switched bases.

Ultimately, the Chameleon Lotion didn't sell well enough to justify a reorder of the base, and it quietly slipped off into our discontinued products pile.

A couple years ago, we had these cool things called lotion stick-ups. They were neat and travel-ready, but people conceptually didn't really seem to enjoy the delivery mechanism of a tube. People thought it was deodorant or lip balm. They enjoyed moderate popularity, but again, they were relatively slow sellers. As we increase in production, it's just harder and harder to hold slow-sellers in stock.natural lotion peace home on the range

Knowing that we still wanted a lotion of some kind, we took another run at a base -- this time a natural base made by the same company who makes our natural body wash base. It arrived, we mixed up a few batches, and I must admit that just conceptually, I was enthralled by the idea.

But the base had a cheap, thin feeling to it. It reminded me of a mid-grade hotel lotion.

I was envisioning something thick and creamy. Something that formed peaks easily when dispensed. More of a cream than a liquid lotion... I knew we would have to make it ourselves.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the time or the production people-power to create new formulas from scratch. It wasn't in our wheelhouse. It was a challenge that we weren't quite up to.

Until Katie came along and attempted a couple batches. The first one colored badly. The second one was too thick. The third was JUST RIGHT.

As she transitioned to some personal projects (and left Outlaw 😭), she handed off our new technology to our new Production Assistant, Marci. Marci immediately picked up the product development and started perfecting the process of creating larger batches of lotion... until we come to TODAY's batches.

We have an incredible lineup of what we honestly feel is the BEST lotion. It's creamy, it's quick-absorbing, and it's available in our five most popular signature scents:

Give some a try today - they're satisfaction guaranteed!

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