The Double Down: Get two bars of handmade soap and our super amazing lotion for $30 (and free shipping)
"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Do Double Down
If you know the scent you like and the frequency of use,
this a convenient way to get a regular supply of soap and lotion." - Raymond

That's right! If you know you love the luxuriously bourbon-esque scent of The Gambler and Hair of the Dog, why not double down with the Double Down subscription?

It comes with two bars of our world-famous bar soap, along with a bottle of our peerless lotion (made from scratch!) in one of our three most popular scents:

You can pick how frequently you'd like to receive your subscription, because I don't know you. You might super duper need to wash a hundred times a day (and who could blame you, with soap like this?!?). The important thing is that we're here for ya. Which we are.

And best of all (well, maybe second to the products inside), it comes with shipping included in the price.

So don't delay, sign up today!

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