Holiday Production Is In Full Swing!

After a really challenging October, we weren't entirely sure how this holiday season was going to look for us... we were out of stock of lots of our handmade bar soaps, and without power, it was impossible to make more (we do have a generator, but the oils solidify at cold temperatures and our generator wasn't powerful enough to maintain heat). It was similarly difficult to make lotion, since the shea butter solidifies in cold temperatures.

So, what did we do? We did what we could: We made body wash, we labeled solid colognes, and we filtered the spray cologne.

But power's back and we're in full crank mode! Bar soap is curing, lotions are being filled, and everyone's pulling together to get the ship back on course! We even hired 5 new people to help us get this done!

Thanks for being so supportive of us during these challenges! We really appreciate it!

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