Scent and Memories
"I have a precious memory thanks to this lotion. Last year about this time, I went to see my oldest sister for the last time. She didn't know me at first but the second morning I went to see her, she took my hand and held it close to her face for a moment and then her face lit up and she said she smelled cinnamon and I told her it was my lotion and she said I'd have to bring her some of it next time I came. We were able to have a fairly clear conversation for awhile. The next day i brought the lotion and shared it with her. She thanked me by name and it was such a precious moment. Thank you for your wonderful products, most especially the Calamity Jane lotion. Oh, and my sister's name was Jane. ❤️" - Vicki

On Saturday, when I was going through our Facebook comments, I came across this comment and it was just too powerful not to share. It made me cry. Even re-reading it, my heart is full of love for this story, and full of gratitude for our place in it.

I think memory loss is sometimes like a curtain that is blown back for brief moments, triggered by something that calls the person home... whether that's scent or music. I don't know how it works, but I do know studies have been done around this, and it's a legitimate thing.

This comment reminded me of the power of scent to change us and to reveal ourselves to others.

We always appreciate the notes and comments that you leave. They brighten our days in ways that are difficult to articulate. Thank you, Vicki, and thanks to all who have written.

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