Ruggedly badass lotion inspired by the outdoors: Lust in the Dust and Mountain Hideout Natural Lotion

We hear you! You've asked for Lust in the Dust and Mountain Hideout lotion for the past year... it's in your purchase habits and in your Facebook comments, and very soon, it's going to be on your Outlaw Soaps website (and eventually on Amazon, because that's a thing)!

Because of this totally legitimate passion for what is an inspiring and amazing handcrafted, thick and luxurious, small batch natural lotion, mixed with the scent inspired by the high desert (that's Lust in the Dust) or the Sierra Nevada mountains (that's Mountain Hideout), it's hard to imagine it has taken us this long to pony up the goods... but here we are. Small companies sometimes have a ton of market research to do before making a move.

But coming this Friday, we'll be putting these lovely new scents of lotion on our site!

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