Don't freak out: We're temporarily out of Blazing Saddles Bar Soap (the sexiest soap ever)

From time to time, our little rag-tag gang of Outlaws can't keep up with demand... and now is one of those times. This weekend, we sold out of Blazing Saddles Bar Soap (the sexiest soap ever). It had been on fire on Amazon (not to be confused with Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap, which was on fire the week prior), and the camel's back broke yesterday.

However, like I just said, please do not freak out. This is a solvable problem with an immediate solution: we're going to see if we can wrangle some of our Wild Life Western Soap Gift Sets and/or Rough Rider Gift Sets apart for parts.

This is just one of the exciting challenges that happens in a tiny little business trying to keep up with the enthusiasm of our amazing customers. We are so grateful you're happy with what we make!

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