Rethinking the Magnificent 7 Outlaw Values

Several years ago, inspired by Dr Bronner's Cosmic Principles, we created the Magnificent 7 Outlaw Values. I wrote it pretty quickly, from the heart, and ran it by our team (which was just 2 people at the time).

Outlaw is on the verge of a big transition, moving to Reno, growing our team, and restructuring our manufacturing. I'm in the process of writing all our training documents and safety manuals, and it seemed a good time to revisit our values.

On Saturday, Sue wrote about our Outlaw Credo. Some folks might think Outlaws don't have a credo, but we definitely do! Just because we don't live by the same laws as everyone else doesn't mean we don't have credos! In fact, I'd venture to say everyone has a credo, whether or not they choose to reflect on it.

So today, I'm kicking off a week of philosophical musings about our values and our credo.

To remind you, here are our...

Magnificent 7 Outlaw Values

1. The BEST Customer Service

Because you deserve it. We have the best customers, and y'all deserve the best customer service.

2. Incredible Products

We know our products aren't like anything else on the market. Not only are they completely unique in their scent, they're also outstandingly high quality. You deserve nothing but the best.

3. Ethical Production

Cruelty-free, low waste, natural ingredients, fun & friendly production environment... we believe that the only production is ethical production.

4. Kindness is King (and queen, and all the other royalty)

We believe in being kind to our customers, our vendors, and especially to each other.

5. Made in the USA, supporting real people in local jobs

We're proud to support US manufacturing in our own little way, making all our products here in the US, and sourcing our ingredients and components.

6. Responsible Employers

We have always paid above average wages for the area. In 2020, we will begin to offer health insurance to our full time workers.

7. Conscious Commerce

We all vote with our dollars. When you vote for Outlaw, you're voting for these values.

We Outlaws are a diverse set of folks...

You might notice that in those Magnificent 7 Values, we don't talk about political parties or laws, we just talk about what we, as individuals, believe is important to value. As a company, these are things we can agree on.

What Magnificent Outlaw Values do you adhere to? What is your Outlaw Credo?

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