Pump up the Volume: Introducing volume discounts on bar soap

As you know, we're always trying to get better at how we offer our products to you, including haggling with the USPS for shipping costs (well, as best we can), giving you discounts for buying other suggested products, and now... volume discounts!

When you buy more than one bar of soap, you're able to not only save on shipping (especially if your order's weight stays under 14 oz), you're now able to get a lower per-bar cost.

We're trying this out for bar soaps, but may decide to offer volume discounts for other products, too! Since our products are all shelf-stable for looonnnnnng times (>1 year), you can take advantage of these discounts today and enjoy the fruits of your foresight for months to come!

Check out the bar soaps, which now include volume discounts!

Also on our list of things to figure out how to try (by popular request): larger bottles of body wash!

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