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Pick your prime suspect from this line-up of new beard oils from Outlaw

Some say it's beard oil, but we love it so much we never want the hair-smoothing amazingness to end. Use it on every hair on your body! It's skin-satisfyingly quick-absorbing and won't clog your pores. And it comes in Outlaw's signature scents!

Just read these outstanding Outlaw beard oil reviews:

"I love it! My wife loves it more!" - Rob

"Miracle worker
My beard was unruly. I have naturally curly hair and my beard showed it. That’s until I started using the Beard & Hair Elixir with the Blazing Saddles scent. My beard actually looks like I’ve wanted it to look and my wife loves the scent. A total win / win! Get your bottle today!" - Hector

"I opened the bottle, took one whiff, and was immediately taller, stronger, more masculine, surrounded by beautiful women, and sought after for advice on everything from which of Thoreau's works is the best allegory on rugged individualism to which cigar pairs best with which bourbon." - Tim

And sure... you might be skeptical that Outlaw beard oil could possibly be THAT GOOD, but, hey, there's only one way to find out: Get some today.

And it's covered by the same satisfaction guarantee that we offer for all Outlaw products, so if it's not the best beard oil you've ever used, we'll give you your money back. True story.

Here it is, the best darn beard oil in the west: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/magic-beard-hair-elixirs

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