Coming Soon: The Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat Travel Bag

This bag says you came here for two things: to travel and kick ass, and you're a good multi-tasker.

It's a powerful bag. Imagine how you'll feel with this on your hotel room counter. It'll make you feel at home.

This bag says "I know how capable I am, so you better stand back while I kick ass and, excuse me, what is your name? Because I am taking names."

Not only is this bag inspirational, it's opaque. "What does that have to do with anything?" you might be asking yourself or me. Well, let me tell you.

The opacity of this bag means no one knows whether you're lugging toiletries, whiskey, weapons, or snacks. Hey, I'm not gonna judge you for what you put in your bag... and no one else is either.

This is a sturdy and durable 13" travel bag (aka a Dopp kit) made of recycled material right here in the USA. No matter where your adventures take you, this bag is ready for action!

When I say “sturdy and durable,” I mean it’s STURDY and DURABLE. This bag’ll be by your side no matter what kind of Hell you’re marching into or out of. At 13", it fits everything from toothbrushes to hairbrushes to shaving brushes… and that’s just ONE CATEGORY of items! Don’t even get me started on scented products… because you KNOW we’ll be here all day. I really don’t know how it holds everything. It’s probably a dimensional portal.

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