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Photographic Evidence: Going back to Joshua Tree for a new photo shoot!

About five years ago, Russ and I, along with our friends Arlette and Christina, went out to Joshua Tree to take some photos. I knew we needed some photos that showed us in a variety of situations, which captured the spirit of Russ and I as people, and also captured the spirit of Outlaw Soaps.

American Gothic for soapersWe'd never done anything like that before, so it was a bit of a disorganized scramble. We had a car full of costumes for all seasons (well, two seasons: Christmas and not-Christmas), along with some props, and of course, our little ridiculous dogs in a portable fence (so they could watch - and sometimes participate in - the fun).

Sadie was microscopic in those days (now she's a full sized microdog).

We've gotten A TON of mileage out of these photos (they're pretty much the photos we use when I'm pitching to press). It's not an overstatement to say that I send them or use them at least once every day... and in five years, that's A LOT of looking at the same photos over and over.

Next week, we'll be heading back to our beloved Joshua Tree to get some more photos. This time, we'll be joined by our friend Belinda, who is going to be stage managing the whole thing (and making sure we get all our shots). Arlette's coming back for more shots (we have a long history in Joshua Tree, and she actually drew the tree that's in our logo, which is based on a tattoo we both have).

We hope to come away from this photo shoot with literally HUNDREDS of shots, so I don't have to look at the same shots over and over.

If you want to see all the "Official Outlaw Soaps" photos from that shoot, you can check out our media kit dropbox folder. (some behind-the-scenes action!)

What's your favorite of the photos? We'd love to know!

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