Daybreak on the Ridge Cologne: Leather, Sagebrush, Sandalwood

You're at Outlaw's Greatest Crossroads

If you love Outlaw and want to keep enjoying the products and scents we make, THIS IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.

First, if you want to cut straight to the chase and check out our EQUITY crowdfunding campaign (which includes our business plans), it's over here:

You may have noticed that we've been running out of stock of some of our long-time mainstays: bar soap, lotion, air fresheners, and even body wash.

We've been doing the best we can -- and Shantel has been handling your questions with the most information any of us have -- but the old way of running Outlaw just isn't working. (and the way it was working wasn't really working, to be honest)

Why isn't it working?

There's an old saying: You can please some people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time... and in an effort to please all of our beloved Outlaws, we've created what we in "the industry" call "a problem": We've been spreading ourselves way too thin.

How are we fixing this?

For certain products, rather than trying to keep them in stock all the time, we're introducing a system of VOTING & PRE-ORDERING.

Yes, this means that instant gratification isn't as possible as it once was.. but hey, it also means that Outlaw gets to stay in business, which is a real win for everyone, right?

It seems like a great time to buy equity in Outlaw:

When we get enough votes / requests for a product (on the product page), we'll order the exact number of supplies to make it, and then we'll open pre-ordering.

This is the (admittedly clumsy) process we've been working on for the past month or so... hence the crowdfunding. We've seen enough success to know that it has potential, but we don't have enough money to get the train on the tracks.

Which is why we're asking you to buy equity in Outlaw:

But that isn't all...

This system, combined with new fancy AI imaging and writing tools we've been using in the past 6 months, means we can literally invent any scent at all.

We've partnered with a custom scent company to start crafting our Scents of the Month starting this Fall. (until then, we'll keep crafting them in our workshop)

Our Scent Soundtrack Subscription, Soap of the Month, and Badass Body Wash subscriptions have been SO POPULAR that we're including those scents in the voting process, so you can get refreshes of them if you want.

Are you excited yet? If you are, we'd love to have your support when you buy equity in Outlaw:

Daybreak on the Ridge: Just One of the MANY Scents We Could Create... with your help!

Here's the idea: As dawn breaks over the vast, open plains, the crisp air carries the scent of dew-soaked leather from worn-in saddles and the warm, inviting aroma of aged sandalwood from the nearby forests.

The earth beneath stirs with life, its richness mingling with the subtle, spicy undertones of wild sage as it awakens.

This scent embodies the essence of early mornings in the saddle, heading into the horizon with nothing but the promise of adventure and the freedom of the open land.

Pretty incredible, right?

We're calling this "Daybreak on the Ridge," and it's just one of TWENTY new scents we're aching to bring to life in our new scent creation process... including soap, body wash, cologne, and, yes, even CANDLES.

WE CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP... so Outlaws, we're rallying our gang: If you've ever thought, "wow, these people really know how it's done!" or "this company is made of the kind of stuff I like in my life," NOW is your time to share that with us by contributing to our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign:

We're Pioneering Unique Scent Frontiers + Building Amazing Collaborations

With these new developments, we can reach even further!

We're opening Outlaw's doors (and catalog) to collaborate with customers, artists, influencers, celebrities, retailers, spas, and hospitality.

We've built the foundation of:
  • Innovative, emotionally resonant scent concepts
  • Stable vendor partnerships
  • Small-batch, agile production
  • Ethically made, high-quality products
  • Profitable customer acquisition through D2C and Amazon channels

And now we can create new scent collections (including soap, cologne, candles, and more) per month (including packaging, product pages, and all) with almost no additional effort or space.

Won't you build this with us? Invest in Outlaw now:

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