Outlaw Soaps and how I keep going even on tough days

Danielle Vincent at work This is me at work! You may recognize this photo from the other day's tour of the Outlaw Soaps safehouse.

As the head of this little operation, I am responsible for the company strategy (including everything from sales channels to website tone), the marketing, the design, the website, the copy, the newsletters, management of our sales folks (including Elysia and our wholesale sales rep, Mollie), and whatever else happens to come along.

So how do I keep a smile on my face? You!

When we set out to create Outlaw Soaps, we knew the kind of products we wanted to make, and we had a vague idea of what kind of customers we wanted to attract: things we'd want to use, and people we'd want to hang out with, respectively.

As the business has grown and we've gotten more customers, we've been amazed and delighted by the type of people who are interested in our products: super fricken' awesome people who we'd want to hang out with in real life.

This morning, one of our long term customers and friends (Zachariah) posted this on Facebook:

Facebook would be so much cooler if people shared nostalgic memories of things they enjoyed about growing up the way they did. I feel similarities could bond people together and differences could help others understand circumstance.

I shared it on my own timeline, and it started a wonderful conversation about our youthful joys.

Elysia and I have been totally amazed by our customers' humor and spirit in all our interactions... we'll chat back and forth for several rounds, just genuinely laughing about whatever happens to happen. We're all people having a good time in this lovely world, and it's great to be able to share this business with such incredible customers.

So, thanks for being the bright spot in what can sometimes be a stressful and strange enterprise.

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