Now! Pick the sample you want at checkout!

Over the years, Outlaws have been trying to request specific samples with their orders... everything from notes in the order to separate emails.

And we couldn't do much, since we almost never have all the samples in our fulfillment area at one time. Usually, it was kind of a "what we had available" situation. (here's where I remind you that we're a really little company trying to keep up as best we can, and I thank you for your patience).

But as we introduced the Handmade Soap Samples, we also introduced a system to make samples, which means we can actually make samples (holy wow, right?)

Now, when you're checking out, you should see a message after checkout that invites you to pick a single soap sample for the bargain price of just $0.88, or try all the soap samples at a discounted price.

These samples are pretty plain - no fancy packaging - but they're a nice 1 oz size that can be used for a time or two (or many travel times) of trying out a scent.

Thanks for always being on Team Outlaw!

If you'd like to try the individual samples outside of the purchase flow, you can get them for $3.50 each here:

NOTE: I'm still working out some bugs in the sample process, so if you don't see the sample order after checkout, please comment.

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