Coming Soon: Pick Your Own Samples!

We're always trying to meet the needs of our Outlaws, and people have often requested specific samples in the order notes (yes, we read those!).

We've tried as best we can to accommodate these requests, but it's hard. We've never had enough of all samples, especially with our samples changing over the past couple years.

A few months ago, we launched our new handmade soap samples in a nice boxed set, and that means we now have a process for making 1 oz sample sizes of our handmade soaps.

And THAT means that we have a scalable way to cut these special sized samples! 🥳

Have you tried all the Outlaw scents?
If so, which is your favorite?
If not, which are you most looking forward to trying?

If you'd like to try all the sample size soaps, give 'em a spin here:

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