New site, who dis?

New Site

If you've been 'round these parts for a spell, you'll surely notice that our website recently became all fancy and dark (you know, like Outlaws). Over the coming weeks, you'll likely notice some minor things changing (read: being fixed). For example, we found out that our new email template had an error where the "unsubscribe" link color was exactly the same color as the footer color. Oops. So, I just fixed that right now!

Who Dis?

In addition to launching our new website, we also soft-launched the Outlaw Gold loyalty program!

We're still ironing out the wrinkles, but I wanted to make sure that all your purchases start racking up your well-deserved points.

To honor the loyalty of y'all who have been with us from the very beginning, our web producer, Jennalee, went through and awarded your earned loyalty points to everyone who has spent more than $300 with Outlaw over all of our lifetimes.

If you don't have an account, you have two weeks from the date of your purchase to sign up for an account, and your points will be automagically applied to your email address. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Let us know if you have questions in the comments of this post, and we'll do our best to respond coherently!

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