Announcing the Outlaw Gold Loyalty Program!

As you know by now, we're very appreciative of you, our Outlaw gang. It means a lot to us that you'd pick Outlaw from the world of soap 'n' sundries out in the open range.

A few folks have asked us to do a loyalty program for some years, and a month or two ago, we struck a deal with a loyalty company to help reward y'all for being in our gang.

Right now, the loyalty program is small - little more than a drunk toddler staggering around in a field of puppies. But in the coming months, it'll be growing up. We'll be offering special exclusive products for our Outlaw Gold loyalty members, kind of like the ol' Marlboro Miles program of yesteryears past (of which I was a very enthusiastic member).

For those of you who have been loyal Outlaw folks for years, we've credited your account with your appropriate points, so you're comin' to this gun show pre-loaded! 💪

What would you like to see in a loyalty program? How can we make this the best thing ever for you?

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Timothy Husted

I received an email showing that I have acquired 4476 loyalty points. Where do I find my points and how do I use them.