New Product Developments: On the horizon of the Outlaw landscape

One of the fun parts of our jobs is inventing.

But due to the nature of our business (outlined at the bottom of this post), we can't do a whole lot of it.

Spring, though, is time for us to order a whole messa new supplies and start inventing with great fervor, since whatever we invent in the Spring, we're stuck with for the rest of the year. And if we don't invent something in the Spring, we don't get to start inventing it at any other time, since it's too close to Christmas (yes, really).

Here are some exciting products that we're working on this Spring! Look for these in April and May!

Body Wash.

Body Wash Shower Gel

People have literally been asking for it for years, and we made some weak attempts at it in the past. Recently, though, we found a base that is natural and lathers well, with a good consistency! And then, just like maaaaagic, I found the perfect bottle for it (see the perfect bottle, right).

That is going to hold 8 oz of fantastic body wash in the very near future. Since our past experiments have resulted in a rapid sell-out of shower gel, we're diving right into production of this, aiming for a launch of early April.

If you want to be the first to know about our body wash, sign up for the stock notifications, because nothin' gets past the automated system of our notifications.


Outlaw Soaps shaving soapShaving Soap

For those of you who have memory and have been around a while, you may remember that we made some pretty critically acclaimed shaving soap. However, it's kind of a pain in the butt to make, so we stopped making it in order to catch up with all of everything else.

But we have a new formula we're trying out that uses soy wax instead of palm oil, and, though it's still a pain in the butt to make, we're hopeful that our new formula will create the thick, lathery, wonderfulness that you'd expect from us.

(Because we're thick, lathery, and wonderful... I guess? I don't know. I just wrote that and realized that sounded weird.)


Burning the candle at only one endCandles

Look, I'm not gonna pull your leg here... this photo is one of a failed experiment.

That flame is WAY too big for this little candle jar, and that really nice red layer at the top? Totally not intentional. Well, it is intentional that it's red, but not that it's only red when it burns, which is the case.

I'm actually lookin' at this badass candle burning on my desk right now, and the flame is simply MASSIVE, and it's smoking like crazy at the present moment (though it wasn't in that photo, which is weird). We're going to have to do a lot more work on this, but the intention is here.

What's the intention?

Well, the intention is to create candles that smell like your favorite scents -- like Blazing Saddles, Whiskey, and Fire in the Hole. And we're pretty dang far from the achievement of that goal right now (well, my house does smell pretty incredible, since it smells like wood smoke (the wicks are wood) and Blazing Saddles - but I can't expect you to want this in your own home).


Side note about our business...

In case you wonder why we're not constantly creating new products, it's because of all this product development time and materials. About half the stuff we're making ends up in the garbage, and hundreds of dollars along with it.

Not to mention that we have to do all the packaging and product photos, and then update the catalog and price sheets for wholesale... inventing stuff is a HUGE investment of time and money, and if we haven't properly done product testing and pricing, all that time and money is wasted.

And then we lost all that time that we would have spent making products that are almost always selling out, like Blazing Saddles soap.

This is not to say that we don't love our work and love inventing, but we're always havin' to keep a side eye on the bottom line, which is why we only revisit product development once per year.

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