Mountain Hideout: In the mountains, you're free

pine soap from Outlaw SoapsMountain Hideout was another soap that spanned across many titles before finally resting in its (maybe?) final home.

It was once again inspired by a scent that came as a sample in our quest for whiskey scent (and oh, what a quest it was). But instead of knowing what we wanted and then searching for a way to make it happen, like we did with Hair of the Dog and Lust in the Dust, when we got the very uniquely realistic nuts and pine scent, we knew we had to do something with it.

And thus was born "Pine Mountain."

But again, it just didn't sell all that well online. But since we're a mostly online business, that means it didn't sell well overall.

The thing is, we would take it to the occasional event (craft shows and the like), and it would go positively gangbusters. People really love it when they smell it! When this happens, I know something about the marketing is wrong. It's not the product itself, it's the way I talk about it.

When we moved up to Gold Country, California, the new concept hit me like a flash... in the mountains, you're free.

It's not quite as true now as it was when the mountains were an untouched and rugged wilderness, but the freedom is still here.

So we changed the name from Pine Mountain to Mountain Hideout, and I wrote a new description... and somehow that did the trick!

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