Lust in the Dust Request: Solid Cologne

We at Outlaw pride ourselves in being a highly democratic company. This means that, while we ultimately have the final say in what gets made, we welcome your recommendations! Every January, we get together and look at the list of products that folks (perhaps even YOU!) have recommended, and we think about what got the most requests throughout the year, and how we might make those things happen.

One repeated request is a Lust in the Dust cologne.

Lust in the Dust is the scent we loved so much we refused to let it die. After years of floundering around the bottom of our "top hits" list, we were really considering discontinuing it... but in the past year, it has seen a real resurgence among Outlaws around the world, so it is really awesome to hear that people love it so much they want to be with it all the time, and use it as their signature scent.

Do you like Lust in the Dust? Is a solid cologne in Lust in the Dust something you'd like to see?

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Lori Graham

Yes please! I’d love a solid cologne.